Jay is a dedicated psychologist , trainer and coach who has a life-long interest in helping people gain a better state of inner effectiveness. Jay will use cognitive, behavioral and client centered approaches to counselling that are designed to bring change within a brief therapeutic model. Together you and Jay will determine how to reach your personal inner contentment. Finding that contentment will help you in all of your relationships — personal and professional.

Adding sports psychology to go along with his personal and business services is a natural fit for Jay. He has been involved in education, coaching and training for over 20 years. He has had a lifelong interest in the psychological aspects of peak performance. His trainings are informative, practical and entertaining. Jay has obtained a high level of expertise in Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program. In addition, Jay has a great deal of experience in the area of athletics and coaching and

team development as a master course conductor for Football Alberta.

Jay has worked with business and groups to improve team communication and  cohesiveness. He has taught workshops and provided training for Effective Thinking and Mental Toughness. Jay is the first North American to be certified to assess and train professionals to deliver the MTQ 48 mental toughness questionnaire. Jay provides coaching to leaders and team members from many industries who wish to improve their performance through the application of psychological principles.